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What is Crossify?

Crossify is a Shopify app plugin that allows your products to be recommended after checkout on complementary stores in exchange for doing the same on your store.

A rising tide lifts all boats

Leverage traffic from non-competing complementary Shopify stores and grow together.

Frictionless for buyers

All of this "referring" occurs after checkout, so the buying experience is uninterrupted.

Customer data

On top of getting more traffic, you also get a picture of who buys what and therefore know more about your target customer.

Finding you new customers on autopilot

Great features for getting long-term growth.

Free to download
Fully Customizable
24/7 service
Data-driven partnerships
customer stories

What do our clients think about working with us?

Crossify has helped our new product launch reach levels of discoverability traditional advertising can't beat.

brat palmer
Shopify store owner

Cross-selling works great for Amazon because they sell everything. Crossify gives us the Amazon superpower to cross-sell products outside of our product line that our customers want. Love it.

jacob davidson
Shopify brand manager

Brand partnerships have never been easier with Crossify, was so exciting getting our first sale from a store we partnered up with!

pearl norman
Shopify marketing director

Customers ask, we answer

How does this make me money?

By showing your products on other stores, you'll be exposed to a completely fresh customer base. We get your products in front of customers the moment they are buying a related product. There's no better way to sell. Note that 35% of Amazon's revenue is from cross-selling.

How much does it cost?

Free to download. We just take a 10% transaction fee.

How do you find me the right partners?

We use AI and man-power to find the right partners to refer your products. We make sure they are in the same category or customer demographic but don't compete with you in any way.

Why are you different?

FB ads, google ads, all cost lots of money and only get you so far. We are data-driven and find the optimal long-term customers who are ALREADY buying related products.

How do I get started?

Install our free plugin on your store and choose your partners.

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